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Welcome to LAU Boxing Club, where the art of boxing transcends traditional training. We pride ourselves on being more than just a gym; we are a community that fosters growth, discipline, and empowerment.


What sets us apart is our personalised approach to boxing. Our highly skilled trainers are not only experts in the sport but also experienced boxers and mentors who understand the individual needs and aspirations of each member. Whether you're a seasoned boxer or a complete beginner, we tailor our training programs to your skill level, ensuring you reach your full potential. Our gym provides a supportive and inclusive environment where members are encouraged to challenge themselves and push their boundaries. We offer a range of classes and workshops that focus not only on technique and conditioning but also on mental resilience, confidence building, and sportsmanship.


Join us at LAU Boxing Club and unlock your true boxing potential in an environment that values your growth, supports your journey, and empowers you to conquer any challenge that comes your way. Experience the difference and become a part of our boxing family.





This class uses art of boxing for a fitness approach. It is high intensity, designed to relieve stress and guaranteed to make you feel better once finished after burning a ton of calories.



This class are for those who are starting their boxing journey, focuses on the basics while sharpening them at the same time which covers stance, footwork and defence.



This class are for those who have some experience, it involves drilling and applying fundamentals to your striking game. Please note that this class is a high contact class with your training partner as we teach defence and striking to be as precise as possible.


starting 17th JULY

membership options

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6 Month Contract

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henry lau

As most of you already know him, Coach Henry has always envisioned creating a community through boxing. Coach Henry has already trained and created fighters with zero experience with the art of boxing to a competitive level. This sport can be intimidating and daunting, but with his guidance and coaching, we can assure you that you will be in good and safe hands.


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chloe grech

Coach Chloe comes from a long family line of boxers that include her father and brother! Coach Chloe is a National Champion, NSW title holder, State runner-up and City vs Country Champion. Coached by her father, Paul Grech, Chloe has over 7 years experience and with over 14 fights to her name she plans to turn pro very soon!


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justin barbarich

Coach Justin was looking for something new and decided one day to sign up to a boxing gym back in New Zealand. After practising the craft for 7 years from the ground up, he has now had 5 boxing bouts and has recently won the Adidas Championships in Adelaide. Coach Justin aims to compete in the elite division this year or next.


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